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Milbon as a brand has a wide range of products and lines catered specifically to almost every hair type, When I branched off on my own, I had a pretty good idea where I wanted to go as far as retail was concerned, but I needed a good treatment. At my previous salon, we used the Redken Chemistry Treatments. I liked them well enough but I didn’t love them. Going into a small space where every bottle needs to count, it just didn’t make sense to take up space for a treatment that I didn’t feel was well rounded enough. Cue Milbon.

There’s a retail line attached to the treatment, but since I only carry the treatment, that’s what I’m going to focus on telling you about. The short version is that this is a 5 step layering treatment designed to slam a lot of moisture into your hair and lock it in, that comes with a take home treatment to help you maintain the results for up to 5 weeks afterwards. I’ve gotten a lot of really great feedback from clients that followed me and switched from Redken to Milbon that describe the treatment as effective and lightweight, with one observing that it almost felt like it took longer for her hair to really get wet when she did go to wash it. (There’s some science behind that below)

This, and the other treatments from Milbon, are layered onto the hair. It sounds like a lot of work at first but it really isn’t and actually seems to take less time than when I was using the Chemistry Treatments from Redken.

The Steps

First step is prepping the hair with a spray that helps to open your cuticle, making it more accepting of the good stuff coming its way. The second step is a moisture repair foam. It’s chock full of amino acids (something you might remember from me talking about Leaf and Flower). Amino acids are some of the building blocks of the proteins in your hair. They help to repair broken bonds to promote strength and shine in your hair. Step 3 is a Ceramide 2 based moisturizer. Ceramide 2 is a popular skincare ingredient for the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits it has on the skin. It delivers similar results to the hair.

Here we take a break to rinse the hair before moving on to step 4, the moisture sealer. The last two steps of the treatment help to close down the hair’s cuticle; first with step 4 that has a moisture locking polymer I couldn’t easily find more information on and then with step 5, a cuticle coat that seals in the treatment with Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is another thing that’s slammed into the beauty industry by name recently. It’s used a lot in skincare regimens as a way to promote moisture and other anti-aging benefits.

For best results, you’ll want to follow this up with step 6: the take home pack! The take home pack combines step 3 with extra hyaluronic acid to help maintain the moisture locking results of your treatment until you’re due for your next one. That take home pack is always yours every time you get a treatment with me. Some of you will need the whole tube each time you use it, but a lot of you will get more than the originally intended 4-5 weeks out of it.

What about that weird water thing you mentioned earlier?

Yes, that. When you seal all that moisture into the hair shaft, you’re also sealing external moisture out. One added benefit of this is that it can, and usually does, cut down on the amount of frizz you might have been dealing with. One possible downside is that it locks out moisture well enough that it might feel like it takes longer for your hair to get wet when you go to wash it.

Is this treatment right for me?

More than likely, yes. I looked into all of the treatments that were available to me from Milbon and this one seemed the most universal. I am keenly aware that there is no one product that works on every hair type, but this one has been incredibly effective on just about everybody I’ve used it on. What do you have to lose by trying it?

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