We’re Green Circle Salon certified!

I’m so excited to be a part of Green Circle Salons. Being on my own has given me a wonderful opportunity to be incredibly mindful of how my actions and products impact not only the guests in my chair but also the planet we live on.

What exactly does it mean when I tell you I’m Green Circle Certified?

The short version is that it means I collect all of the excess materials from my salon that would otherwise go in the garbage and send them to Green Circle to be repurposed into something else?

What exactly am I collecting?

In the salon I collect the hair, excess color, wax sticks, processing caps, foils, color tubes and bottles, developer bottles, and just about anything else that gets used behind the chair. That even includes the empty products that I use on you when we style your hair.

Do you know what else I can collect?

  • PPE! Disposable masks and gloves that you use during your day to day activities can be brought with you to your salon appointment and deposited into my PPE collection box, which will go back to Green Circle when it’s full.
  • Your plastic grocery bags!
  • Your outdated or broken home styling tools!
  • Empty aerosol cans!
  • Empty salon product bottles! Plastics #1-7 are all able to be processed by Green Circle.

What is this going to cost you, and me as a salon?

Green Circle recommends adding $1-2 to every transaction as a way to offset costs. This will be included in an upcoming price adjustment for services going live in January 2022 (more to be announced later on).

While you aren’t obligated to offset these costs for me, should you wish to do so here are the ways you can donate:

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