Sustainability and Inclusivity

I believe that kindness towards the Earth and towards human beings should be our top priority. I strive to create and maintain an inclusive environment that all people can feel comfortable in, and support it behind the scenes with products and partnerships that benefit the Earth and other human beings.

Proudly registered with Strands for Trans, a website designed to help any member of the LGBTQ+ community find salon environments they can feel safe and comfortable in.

If my salon isn’t close enough to you, please be sure to visit the Strands for Trans website to find a salon close to you. If you have a salon you think should be on that list, tell them to register themselves too!

We’re incredibly proud to have partnered with Green Circle Salons. Not only will this allow us to collect and find new life for up to 95% of the waste created in our salon, we can also collect and properly dispose of PPE.

We may be coming out of the worst of the pandemic, but PPE isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I welcome all of your personal PPE that you need to dispose of. Let’s keep it out of landfills and waterways.

I can also safely dispose of a number of other items, please click here to see what else I can take for you and don’t forget to check out the recycling program!

Together we can make sure the Earth starts to heal.

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