Split End Correcting

Keeping the ends of your hair happy and healthy is the absolute number one best way to be able to add length. As previously covered in one of my Hair myths series, regular trims are necessary to prevent damage from spreading up the hair strand. Combining your small trims with something to seal nutrients and moisture into the ends of your hair allows you to have less length cut off each time as well as ensure that damaged isn’t able to spread as easily.

The Split End Correction Treatment from Brazilian Blowout is designed to create a barrier on the ends of your hair that lasts about 4 weeks. It’s mostly protein based to help replenish missing proteins from damaged ends, and by sealing the hair’s cuticle provides more lasting results.

The above photo is straight from Brazilian Blowout and I agree with most of it. Since an extra step of styling with a hot iron isn’t usually included in most of my services (because I can typically get smooth and bouncy results with just a brush and blow dryer), it does add a little bit of time to a service booked with me.

This is something that I recommend to people trying to grow their hair out and keep it healthy along the way. When used in conjunction with other treatments you’re setting yourself up for success on your hair journey. It’s a perfect follow up to the Molecular Mender treatment to really seal in the effects of the CBD and extend the life of that service as well.

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