Sanikind Eco Friendly Sanitzer Bundle



Sanikind is one of my favorite companies to deal with. Not only is their customer service hands down one of the best interactions I’ve had when talking with a company, they’re actively making the environment better. By collecting discarded plastic that would otherwise end up clogging waterways and adding to landfills, they’re able to recycle it into a convenient and infinitely refillable sanitizer dispenser. When I tell you I’ve clipped mine onto almost everything, I mean it. I’ve kept mine on my belt loop, bra strap, backpack, wallet, keys, purse, lanyard, jacket zipper, and so on. They also listen to customer feedback and reformulated their original unscented sanitizer and I’ve tried it, it’s actually unscented now.

What you get in this big money saving bundle is a single dispenser, a refill for it, and a spray cap for your refill so you can use it at home or the office in between refilling your Sanikind dispenser. If you want to add more dispensers or refills, just email me at and I can create an invoice just for you!

Additional information

Choose your color

Pink, Marble Pink, Teakwood, Navy, Charcoal, Coral, Teal, Purple

Choose your refill scent

Unscented, Lavender, Fresh Citrus


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