Reds in real life

I was due for a color change anyway and this provided me a great opportunity to also test out some colors.

These colors were all applied at the same time on February 15. I shampooed my hair and dried it without using conditioner. I applied the Vivids in a triangle shape on the top panel of my hair, Redken Shades EQ 6RR+Processing solution on the left side of my head, Eleven 6RR+2% on the right side of my head, and Pravana Chromasilk 6RR+0 volume on the back section of my head; and processed at room temperature for about 40 minutes.

I started with a faded purple canvas. The Vivids red was bright and definitely red. Shades EQ was a merlot-y red. Eleven and Chromasilk were almost identically a coppery/orange red. All over everything was definitely all red. There were a few spots at my ends that had a purple tint, which I totally expected because I didn’t bother trying to remove any of my previous purple before putting the red on.

February 15: fresh color

As stated earlier, everything is definitely red. Varying shades of red, yes, but still definitely red. Let’s go about life and see how it holds up!

The only products I’ve used when washing my hair while it’s been this color have been the Eleven Hydrate shampoo and Leaf+Flower shampoo, with the L+F conditioner and the take home Milbon Moisture Treatment vials when I remember. I know I did a Milbon treatment in there somewhere, and I’m 99% sure it was the day I did this color.

It was washed Feb 17, Feb 22, Feb 25, Feb 28, and March 4. It’s important to note that my hair gets shampooed twice when I wash it, because I follow my Hydrate with the L+F shampoo. My overall styling routine consists of sometimes using Cult+King’s Tonik, sometimes nothing, and sometimes some sort of a texturizing product along with a round brush blow dryer at home.

After being washed twice, things still looked pretty even overall, as noted in the photo below.

February 22: Two washes

After 4 washes the Eleven and Chromasilk are still looking close to the same shade of coppery red brown. The Shades is still a more merloty red, and the Vivids is still fairly red, even if the water when I shower is still a little red as well.

By March 4 you can see a drastic difference in color as compared to when we started out. I feel like it’s probably pretty safe to call each washing 2 shampoos which would put us at 10 shampoos here. Vivids Red has turned a lovely coral pink, Redken is still more of a merlot red than the Eleven, which are both still more red than the Chromasilk that at this point on me just looks like a coppery brown.

March 4: 5 washes

Washed again March 9, March 12, March 16, March 22, March 25 was a single shampoo because I was getting my hair done, and March 28.

At this point everything is clearly pretty faded out, which doesn’t surprise me given that I tend not to follow my own advice when it comes to the color on my own head. Both Pravana colors faded in the orange range, but both Redken and Eleven faded out to a nice pinky blonde. Considering where I started with color when I applied all these reds, I’m fairly happy with the lifespan I got out of them and the colors they ended up turning as they faded out.

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