Recycling Program

Keeping the Earth beautiful is everyone’s job, and I’m excited to launch an in-salon recycling program. You probably remember when I joined Green Circle Salons and gained the ability to collect some of your own home hair care related waste. If you don’t here’s a small list of what I can collect for you:

  • PPE! Disposable masks and gloves that you use during your day to day activities can be brought with you to your salon appointment and deposited into my PPE collection box, which will go back to Green Circle when it’s full.
  • Your plastic grocery bags!
  • Your outdated or broken home styling tools!
  • Empty aerosol cans!
  • Empty salon product bottles! Plastics #1-7 are all able to be processed by Green Circle.

Ready to hear what’s in it for you?

After recycling 3 full size items with me, you get 10% off your next retail or service investment. That’s it, that’s all you need to do.

What’s the catch?

10 Travel size containers = 1 full size product

1 hair tool = 1 full size product

While I encourage you to recycle as many items as you can, you can’t earn more than 10% in one visit. If you bring in 2 items on one visit it will be noted and you will earn your 10% when you bring in the third item. If you bring in 6 items in one visit you can redeem your 10% right away or save it for later, however if you choose to save it you cannot increase the percentage off your next investment by recycling additional items.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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