Seasonal Subscription Boxes

$25.00 / month


Summer 2021!

Our very first seasonal subscription box! For $25 each month, you’ll get a box sent to you once a season (total cost $75 per box), and as a bonus shipping within the US is TOTALLY FREE! I’m so excited to share this with you!

Estimated mailing date will be June 15, 2021.

From my salon you’ll be getting:
✨ A full size Miracle Hair Treatment (Eleven Australia)
✨ A set of travel size Smooth My Hair shampoo and conditioner (Eleven Australia)
✨ A mini Balm and a mini Pomade from Cult+King
✨ A bonus mystery surprise of one of my favorites!

From other small businesses you’ll be getting:
✨ Fun summery stickers
✨ A tube of Bug Bite Res-Q to help soothe skin irritated by pesky bug bites

What it is:

A way to get salon products curated for the change in season shipped directly to your door. Each box will contain actual products that I sell in my actual salon, in addition to small items from other independent businesses.

How it works:

Every season change you get a new box sent right to you (summer, spring, fall, and winter) with items valued over $100 per box, for only $25 each month; saving you $100 each year!

What if I have allergies to something in the box?

In general, the items you should expect to receive in your box should be listed. Sometimes there are issues with allergies or something else. If there’s something in the box that you can’t use, please please please reach out to me so I can suggest something else for you!

Talk to me about shipping.

For anybody located in the US, please select “free local pickup” at checkout when purchasing this subscription. If you’re also purchasing something else, consider the free shipping a gift to you from me! For my international friends, I will contact you to confirm shipping prices.

What happens if I don’t want to participate anymore?

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Should this fall between mailing cycles, please reach out to me to discuss your options in regards to what you’ve already been billed. I will do my best to reach out individually about options, but if I hear nothing from you I will send one last curated box that your already billed funds will cover.

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