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Color bombs are a great way to extend the life of your fashion color, or add a fun pop of vibrancy depending on your hair color. The lighter your hair is, the more vivid and vibrant the color will appear after use. The darker your starting level, the more subtle the color will appear.

For the most vibrant results, apply to clean dry hair that hasn’t been conditioned and let sit for 30 minutes. For more subtle results, apply to freshly shampooed hair in the shower and let sit for 5-10 minutes. **Please note that color bombs can and will stain clothing and skin, please take into consideration when using**

To get the longest life out of your treatment, wash as infrequently as you can with the coldest water you can stand. On lighter hair, color will last up to a few months depending on frequency of use.

These color bombs are made up of 1/5 professional semi permanent color and 4/5 professional conditioning treatment. This means no damage to your hair and all the benefits of a deep conditioner.

Please be sure to note which color you’d like at checkout. To tailor a color bomb specifically for your hair needs, please send me a message! I can create custom colors and customize the mixed treatment to deliver the best results for your hair.

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