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As of July, 2020 my cancellation policy allows for a fee free cancellation up to 12 hours in advance without incurring a penalty. Cancellations made less than 12 hours in advance will be charged 10% of what your original booked/discussed service price would be.


The global Covid Pandemic is something I take very seriously. I have taken the steps to get certified by Barbicide in general, as well as for Covid19 specific issues, as well as done research on a number of effective virucides to ensure the safety of my guests and my family.

I use an alcohol based spray sanitizer on the doorknobs multiple times a day. With each guest I use a fresh cape and tools, and in between each guest all surfaces that have been touches are sprayed with a virucide and allowed to sit for the appropriate wet time to be effective.

In addition to the building’s requirements for masks in all common areas, I also require masks to be worn inside my suite. I will always have a mask on for the duration of your service.

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