Ok, I’ll call your bluff

On Friday, August 13, 2021, I posted a photo to Instagram of my hair; proud of how long I’ve managed to get it since shaving it for St. Baldricks in January of 2017. I mused about how long would be long enough and whether or not I’d shave it for charity again.

Cue the random Instagram account who slides into my comments asking me to message him. Ok fine. He starts by offering me $100 to give to any charity of my choice if I shave an undercut or side panel into my hair. You know what? Ok. It’s just hair, it grows back, and when I made clear how much hair I was willing to cut at this particular moment in time, he initially tried to get me to follow through right that second and then switched to lowering the amount he would send since “That doesn’t seem like a lot of hair for $100.” We went back and forth for a while and agreed on a lower amount of $50 to any charity I wanted in exchange for an undercut to the skin. Joke’s on you, guy. I was going to cut it that short anyway. When I asked when I should expect to see the money I was told essentially “tomorrow because it’s late here.” When I followed up on Saturday, he left me on read.

Are you surprised? I’m shocked. And surprised. So, so, so very shocked and surprised. I’m happy I was sitting down when I saw that my message had been seen 40 minutes ago. There’s no way I could ever have seen this coming.

Did I lay it on thick enough? I wasn’t surprised in the least bit. However, I had already shared the beginning part of the tale on Instagram and Facebook and decided that one way or another, at least $100 was being donated today.

When I asked my followers where the money should go, I received a few really great suggestions. Today, our money was split 3 ways.

One of my good friends and another very good client of mine both donated to heifer.org, who’s mission is to “end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.” They purchased two flocks of chicks along with the training that will empower the recipients to provide nourishment to themselves, boost income through sales of extra eggs and offspring, and allow this knowledge to be passed on in the community and through future generations.

I chose to fund the remaining $100 personally, and split those donations between the Palatine Food Pantry and Wings Program, which are both local to me. I’ve mentioned Wings here before and I’m sure that I will again. Wings Program provides assistance and shelter options to people escaping domestic violence situations, and we all know how food pantries help the community.

If you want to donate as well, feel free to give to the charities that mean the most to you, or click the buttons below to donate directly to the same causes.

If you just want to roll your eyes, I’ve saved the message thread for your convenience. I would normally redact personal information before sharing, but something about this just feels like anonymity is not what this guy needs.

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7 thoughts on “Ok, I’ll call your bluff

      1. Same guy! Its in my insta stories @misfitbranding I’m thinking of doing a reel on it now. He called me a fat freak lol because I called his bluff. Sorry Ian, wrong person lol

  1. He messaged me 2 days ago from ianw5055 after some posts of my undercut and hydrow machine. Same, but asking if I’m raising money for my rower. I said no, it’s a coupon code where if someone uses it we each get $250. Hmmm he might just like girls with shaved heads?

  2. So it’s May 2nd 2023 and this exact guy did the same thing as I’m raising money for charity and a few days prior I dyed my hair pink. He kept on saying if I was to save an undercut he would donate £100 and pay for the barbers. What!? I kept saying no politely. End the end I got a bit aggressive with him and then his account is gone. Ianw5055 haha. Creepy!

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