Need an appointment while I’m on maternity leave?

I know everyone is just as excited as we are for the impending arrival of my second child, even if it comes with the uncertainty of a solid schedule. A few things of note:

  • September 18, 2023 is my last scheduled work day before my due date, but in the event that my son decides to show up early or you’re reading this after that date, I have a list of people I trust to take care of you in my absence.
  • I don’t have a solid return date planned, but the nature of my business being my own means that I have flexibility on the matter. At the time of publishing I plan to return sometime in November on a limited schedule.
  • I am tracking when each of my clients would be due for their regular maintenance appointments and will begin reaching out once I know approximately when my schedule will begin opening up.
  • If you book with someone below and need to make sure they have your appointment notes or formula, please either reach out to me or have them reach out to me and I will make sure they have all of the information they need to ensure optimal results.

I know that it’s impractical for most of you to wait for me to return and I encourage you to do what you need to while I’m gone. Below is a short list of stylists I recommend for starting your search.

  • The most convenient option to maintain the same location is Sara:

    Deja Vu 2 Salon inside My Salon Suites
    220 N Smith Street Ste 117, Suite 302
    Palatine, Illinois 60067
    (224) 801-1633
  • In the Woodfield area you’re looking for Val or Janely:

    Val: Val’s Vivid Creations inside Sola Salon Studios
    601 N Martingale Rd, Suite 11
    Schaumburg, IL
    (224) 836-1063

    Janely: Ulta Woodfield Village Green
    1470 A East Golf Road
    Scheumburg, IL, 60173
    (847) 240-2723
  • Towards Hoffman Estates we have Colleen:

    Hair Cuttery: Golf Center
    9 Golf Center
    Hoffman Estates, IL
    (847) 519-7743
  • If you’re near Vernon Hills you’re looking for Michelle:

    Hair Cuttery: Aspen Point
    271 W Townline Rd, Unit 1
    Vernon Hills, IL, 60061
    (847) 367-4870

I will still have my phone with me and will be able to return messages at my earliest chance. I appreciate everybody’s patience, understanding, and flexibility as we navigate this journey together!

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