Meat sauce

Hello! I’m back again with another episode of “please don’t follow this recipe if you need structure” because, like pretty much all of my recipes, this is not the recipe for that.

Today we have a simple recipe for a tomato based meat sauce using whatever you have handy. For me, that was:

  • Italian sausages
  • An onion, clove of garlic, and a zucchini
  • 4 tomatoes that came in a produce order I forgot to skip
  • A small can of tomato paste
  • Beef bouillon and other spices

What you’re going to do:

  • Get your meat cooking. For me that entailed squeezing the meat from the casing into a pot to let it start cooking.
  • While the meat was cooking I cut up one onion and the clove of garlic and added them to the meat to start cooking them down.
  • While stirring the pot occasionally to keep it from burning, I cut the ends off of and peeled the zucchini before slicing it into bite-size chunks. When the meat seemed adequately cooked I added the zucchini.
    – The zucchini went in for a few reasons. First, because I’m not a huge fan of zucchini and knew that if I didn’t use it in a way that I would eat it, it would either go bad or my husband would cook something with it I’d feel bad picking around. Second, I was hoping to use some of the water from the zucchini to add water to the dish.
  • While that cooks, cut the stemmy parts off of your tomatoes and toss them, and put the rest of the tomatoes into a blender or magic bullet or just mash the crap out of them.
  • Now that everything that’s currently in the pot is pretty much cooked where we want them to be, add in a scoop of bouillon paste or a cube or whatever you’re using, and mix it in. Now add the can of tomato paste, the tomato liquid, and your seasonings (I think I used salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and maybe something else), and mix that all together.
  • Put a lid on it and let it cook until it doesn’t smell or taste like raw tomato anymore. At some point there you should probably make some pasta, unless you’re planning to eat this like a stew, which is also totally fine.

Serve and enjoy!

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