Leaf and Flower shampoo/conditioner follow up

Back on December 16 I introduced you to the Leaf and Flower line I brought into my suite. The rep for the company I had met with before I purchased any stock was telling me about the pretty awesome results that she had gotten using just the L+F shampoo and conditioner, where the stylist she sees even commented on the difference she saw.

I figured I had nothing to lose by running the same experiment, and so I only used Leaf and Flower to shampoo and condition my hair.

So how did it go?

My first shampoo with it I really didn’t feel like it got clean. I was also on day 4 or 5 and had a lot of dry shampoo in it. When it dried it didn’t feel clean to me, but it didn’t feel dirty either. It definitely had some grit and grip to it but could have had more overall volume. My second shampoo with it I decided to shampoo it with Eleven Australia’s Hydrate my Hair first and then shampoo it a second time with Leaf and Flower. That time I did feel like I got it a lot cleaner, but interestingly it still had almost the same kind of textured feeling to it once I dried it.

By New Years I was starting to feel like my hair was feeling clean after I washed it. It seemed like that took forever, but it really was only just under 2 weeks, so clearly I’m just impatient. My hair also feels a little thicker to me, but it might just be in my head.

Two weeks after that I felt like my routine was working well. I decidedly need a haircut (unrelated) but I see a lot of small hairs starting to be more noticeable. My hair can go 3 or so days without being washed again and not feeling gross (to me). I’ve tried using just the L+F shampoo without washing it with something else first but I just don’t feel like I get the best results doing it that way for me.

It’s now February 22. Aside from getting my own hair professionally done, my washing routine for the last two months has been pretty consistently shampoo with Hydrate, shampoo with Leaf and Flower, and my conditioner has been mainly Leaf and Flower, with the take home Milbon treatment to use as a follow up to my own in salon treatment used every other week or so. I sometimes use no product post shower, usually use Tonik from Cult+King, and on occasion use some sort of a volumizing product for my blowdry.

I’m personally a little hit and miss on loving the conditioner. Going into my hair it doesn’t feel like it distributes well, but when I go to rinse it my hair does feel like it took the nutrients it needed.

I’m really happy with how my hair feels overall. The shining moment for me was the night I didn’t feel like blow drying so I let my hair air dry and it still had some body and style to it once it was dry even without being blown out, which has almost never happened for me in the past. My hair feels soft and bouncy and has just enough texture to it that just about anything I do looks good for most of the day.

The feedback I’ve gotten from clients who have taken home samples has also been overwhelmingly positive so far. My main “complaint” is still only that it’s not very budget friendly, although I do believe it is worth the investment.

Are you interested in trying Leaf and Flower? Click below to book your consultation and mention it in the notes, or to have it shipped directly to you!

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