It’s been a while

And I’m not going to make apologies or excuses. I’m a real person with a real life to handle in addition to my business. But I do miss everyone.

What’s been keeping me so busy? I started classes to get a Bachelor’s Degree! Returning to college in my 30s has been equal parts time consuming and rewarding. I’m not 100% sure yet where the college work is going to take me but it felt like something I needed to do so here we are.

I’m also still taking clients behind the chair as well as being a hands on parent to an almost 3 year old. Needless to say, my blogging has taken a back seat to everything else.

What can you expect from me in 2022? Who knows?! I’m working on the finishing touches to my Fresha store, which will let you make online purchases directly through the same account you book your appointments with. I’m trying to move my salon closer to home and my clients. My friend and I might actually start recording the podcast we keep threatening to make. Vaccines may let us feel more comfortable returning to “normal” life. It’s still early in the year, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings.

As always, stay safe. You are valid. You are loved. Wear your mask.

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