I’m switching to Olaplex!

A while back I wrote about the differences between Olaplex and B3, and why I was using B3 instead of Olaplex. My main hang up that pushed me towards the B3 over the Olaplex initial was that the Olaplex had the second step that just took extra time we don’t always have. In my previous salon setting, a lot of the procedures were dictated for us and we weren’t really supposed to stray from “these are the instructions and that’s how we do things.” I have the advantage of continuing to fine tune my behind the chair practices, so I did more research on how I could make my practices more efficient.

Turns out, I can multi-task and let your step 2 sit while I cut your hair, because it takes me about the same amount of time to cut your hair as your treatment needs to sit. Then we shampoo it out and using Leaf and Flower’s 7 Minute Blowout, get a great finished look in a fraction of the time.

Other great ways I can incorporate Olaplex into your services:

  • Stand-alone treatment: to be added to your root refresh or cut and blowdry for maximum repair.
  • Shine bomb: add a clear glaze to your root refresh or cut and blowdry for even more shine.
  • Take home color bomb: Include Olaplex No. 3 Repairing Mask to your color extending conditioner to maintain the brightness of your fashion color.
  • For a scalp targeting experience, consider adding a treatment from MalibuC and/or Leaf and Flower.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the take home items, please arrange that before your appointment so that I can ensure I have the products you’re looking for.

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