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I always knew I wanted two kids

Possibly a trigger warning: Kids, biological and adopted, pregnancy


And up until recently I felt like they would both be biological and if the urge to continue parenting came up I would look into adoption. But something hit me today, hard, that maybe adoption was a more pressing need than having another biological child. I’m not even totally sure what sparked that feeling for me, but it was sudden and it was urgent.

Having a second biological child has a lot of pros at this point. I know what to expect (for the most part) as far as a pregnancy and childbirth and going through all of the steps, not to mention the advantage of starting at the very beginning and having that extra level of control and expectation of results. I know I complained a lot during my pregnancy, mostly towards the end, but to me it was overall a very positive experience I couldn’t wait to relive. Of course I know that there’s no guarantee on anything there. I can always be a gestational carrier for someone if I want to relive a pregnancy and choose not to have another biological child.

I know that another child, biological or not, is not in the cards at this present moment. But the advantage to that is that I have time to research and wait for the universe to give me a sign or two.

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