Happy New Year’s Day!

We did it! We survived! Goodbye 2020, and thanks for all the fish!

Similar to my feelings as we approached Christmas, it really feels like so much has happened while nothing at all happened, simultaneously. Just about every typical event I look forward to participating in during the nicer months was cancelled, but I also got to watch my toddler grow and learn and continue becoming her own little person.

Another big thing that the start of 2021 brings me is a decade of marriage. My life today looks a lot different than what I would have told you it would if you had asked on my wedding day, but I think a lot of that is that I wouldn’t have been able to give you more than an outline or a crude sketch of what I thought would be coming my way because there’s no way I could have known at just a few weeks shy of 23 what things would look like for me 10 years later. Sure I knew I wanted to be in a house with a few kids, but that was just a list of achievements I wanted to make.

There are some things I thought I’d be further along with by now than I actually am, and some things I’m really proud I’ve managed to accomplish. Thanks to making the time and effort to get my own personal shit together it’s been a lot easier to roll with the punches of the things that haven’t been done yet. 10 years is just the start. My odometer ticking over to 33 is the wind up, not a countdown to the end of my days.

Happy Anniversary to us! We were babies!!

2020 threw all the curveballs. Going into 2021 we’ve had to get better at hitting each pitch that comes our way. I know it’s so cliche to proclaim “new year new me” but why let that stop you from trying to achieve personal growth anyway? “New year, new outlook” feels like it could be a good compromise to that. We know that huge changes aren’t sustainable in the long term and tend to lead to a crash and burn type scenario so it would stand to reason that a better approach would be to start small and grow from there. Even the tallest trees in the world started as a small sapling.

What’s one small thing you’d like to change about each day, that you have control over? Write it down and let’s reconvene next year to talk about our successes and our growth opportunities. My goals for 2021 are to learn more about what’s in my food, and to make more planetary sustainable choices.

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