Fashion Line Comparison: Eleven Australia, Pravana, Pulp Riot

I also wanted to try out a head to head comparison of Eleven Australia’s fashion line. The swatches in the book indicate a super vibrant result in red, orange, and violet. I don’t know if I mixed mine wrong or my starting swatches weren’t the same shade (I did use level 10 swatches, but there was still a hint of yellow), but my Eleven results just weren’t as vibrant as I had hoped they would be for a fashion color result. I did learn after making the swatches that heat can be applied to them for a more vibrant result, and that they would also likely be more vibrant if I had used a different processing solution that I did not have in my salon at the time.

The Eleven swatches were all processed 1:1 with the 2% activator and processed approximately 35-40 minutes. The Pravana and Pulp Riot swatches were applied on dry swatches and processed for 35-40 minutes as well. All of them processed at room temperature and were washed with Eleven Australia Hydrate my hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

Make sure you read up on the previous comparisons as well: Comparing color lines, Comparing the red series, as well as Reds in real life.

The Reds

The reds I wanted to test again focusing on Eleven vs Shades and see what my results were if I did a double process. After a single application my results were pretty close to what they were the first time; the Redken 6RR is a more blue based Merloty result and the Eleven 6RR is a more orangey brown based red result. They’re both very nice reds, just with a difference in tone between them. After a second application those results deepened on each. At a glance they very closely resemble each other, and then upon further inspection those initial differences are noticeable. I am definitely very happy with the results, but a fashion color they are not.

This time I threw Pulp Riot into the mix, since it’s the other line in my suite. Pravana Red and Pulp Riot Fireball are almost identical in their initial results. I think the Pravana might have a touch of blue in the base as it’s slightly deeper than Pulp Riot, but they’re both a great choice for a vibrant red.

The Violets

Eleven’s 5VV gives a deep violet red result. A good choice for a less “in your face” violet color. Pulp Riots’s Velvet was the closest match on hand for Pravana’s Violet. Pulp Riot finished with a more pink result than Pravana’s violet, which has a cooler end result.

The Oranges

Similar to previous results, Eleven’s 7CC has a more natural appearance. It’s a beautiful coppery color, but not a bold orange. Pravana’s Orange is a bold result, and my closest on hand equivalent in Pulp Riot was Nuclear, which is for sure a bold orange.

What happened when we shampooed the reds again a bunch of times?

I still wanted to focus mostly on Eleven vs Redken, so I washed those ones another 13 times and I’m overall pretty pleased with the results. Double processing the color gave both brands more longevity when it came to being shampooed. I feel like the Eleven fades more true to tone whereas Redken might be your best choice if you want it to fade out to more of a coppery color.

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