Eleven Australia Shampoo/Conditioner Bar Review


Environmentally friendly, smells good


Bit of a learning curve to use

What’s a shampoo bar anyway?

Shampoo bars are a low waste and no water option for cleaning your hair. They can be a little tricky to get the hang of using, especially if you have longer hair, but they’re a great product to look at when trying to minimize your personal environmental impact.

What does it look like?

Essentially they both look like a bar of soap. Both bars come in a recyclable cardboard box, with the conditioner bar also coming wrapped in a small papery bag. The shampoo bar is a little bigger than the conditioner bar, but they both fit easily in the hand.

What’s in it?

What does it smell like?

It’s described as having a pear scent. To me, it smells a little more floral than that, but I don’t find that the scent lingers heavily after use.

How do I use it?

I found it odd to use at first, but the shampoo bar was a bit easier to get the hang of than the conditioner bar. I did like how the shampoo made my hair feel, but wasn’t as thrilled with the conditioner on my first use. For me, what seemed to work best was trying to section my wet hair and scrubbing the bar right on my scalp in a bunch of places, and then setting it down and working it into a lather from there. The conditioner bar feels more tricky to use, to me. For this one it felt easier to “lather” my hands with the conditioner and work it in from there, or to grab large sections of hair and sandwich each section between my hand and the conditioner bar, and then comb it through afterwards before letting it sit.

It says that it will last you up to 125 washes. That’s a lot of washes. Since it’s so great at cleaning head to toe, you may find that it doesn’t last you quite as long; but even if you half the number of washes that’s still just about 2 months of daily head to toe use. I’ve enjoyed using the shampoo as a body soap most of the time. I’ve tried using it as a shaving lotion and while it was effective, I find that it tends to make my skin itchy if I use it during or after shaving. However, the same can be said for pretty much any lathering thing, so I usually soap before I shave. The conditioner bar, on the other hand, was really nice for shaving with; even if it did mean having to rinse my razor more frequently. I was also able to apply it almost like a lotion before I got out of the shower and didn’t feel like I needed as much lotion to keep my skin from drying out post shower, so that was really cool.

Where can I buy it?

You can pick one up at your next appointment with me, or click the button below to have it delivered right to your door!

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