Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Mask

Sometimes the hair is mostly healthy but really lacking in moisture, and that’s where this mask comes in. One of my favorite things about it is that you can take home the exact product I used on you in the salon. The only real downside is that it needs about 15 minutes to sit and do its thing, but if you only need to do it every few weeks it can become a nice part of your at home self-care routine.


Unlike a lot of the other products from Eleven, this mask comes in a pouch. While it’s full it’ll stand on its own pretty well but as it gets emptier it might spend more time laying down than standing up. The benefit to the way that it is packaged though, is that it’s fully recyclable as long as you rinse it out before discarding it.

What’s in it?

As with most products there’s a long list of general ingredients, but the key ones they list are Aloe Vera and White Mulberry Leaf.

Looking a little further into those, we already know that Aloe is good for sensitive skin and promotes moisture and moisture retention in both skin and hair. Mulberry leaf was a little harder to find any solid information on but the research I did indicates that it can add antioxidants that promote shinier and healthier looking hair.

Why you’ll like it:

If deep moisture and repairing damage is what you’re in need of, this is a really great way to get that at home. It’s easy to use on your hair and as a bonus can even double as a skin moisturizer.

Where to buy it:

I carry this in my suite that you can purchase at the time of your service, or contact me to have it shipped right to you!

Sources: EWG Skin Deep

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