Curl Care Series Part 4: Where do we start with products?

I have always maintained that the beautiful and terrible thing about home hair care is that there’s more than one right option. It’s hard to pick just one product in many cases, since so many factors can impact what the right choice for you ends up being. If you have something that should be added to this list, let me know; either in the comments or by emailing me at!

In the shower:

In my salon I tend to go for Eleven Australia and Leaf and Flower first. Hydrate is powerful but still lightweight, giving needed moisture to just about all hair textures. Smooth is a little bit heavier but adds an extra layer of frizz protection. The bars are probably going to be better if you can easily get to your scalp for the shampoo. Leaf and Flower has CBC and CBG in addition to CBD to add moisture and optimize scalp health, promoting new growth and balancing sebum production.

There are obviously a lot of other options, but I have extensive hands on experience with these ones.

I do also want to list some of the other products I’ve seen recommended for shampoo/conditioner:


For moisture my top two choices are usually Cult+King’s Balm for a heavier finish and Eleven Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment for a lighter finish.

For frizz fighting I also like the Balm, as well as Frizz Control Shaping Cream from Eleven and the Leaf and Flower Instant Frizz Remedy.

My top serums/oils are Leaf and Flower’s Phytomolecular Oil, and Eleven’s Smooth and Shine serum.

For curl enhancing I love Cult+King’s Jelly and Style, Eleven’s Curl Defining Cream, and homemade flax gel


It’s easy enough to make some of your own products for styling, but there are also some really great small businesses that cater to this as well. Flax gel is one of the easiest ones to make yourself at home, and a few of my curly clients swear by it! Naturally Curly has a great recipe you can follow at home.

EcoSlay is also a company I recommend a lot when looking for small-batch curl-oriented products; and as a bonus the owner is a very sweet and knowledgeable person.

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