Let’s Get in Touch

Hello! There’s a lot of information on this page, but I’ve done my best to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

My promise to you

I promise to always make my recommendations based off of what will actually benefit you, even if that means that you’re not buying something from me. My goal has always been to sell with integrity and focus on educating rather than selling. I also won’t sell something that I don’t believe in as a product and as a company.


I’m usually in the salon Mondays 11-7:30, Thursdays 9-6, and rotating weekends. Please reach out via phone or messenger to check availability if you’re unable to check through Fresha.

By phone

You can reach me by text or calling 224-801-4352

Online Booking and Vouchers

I use Fresha to handle my appointment book. If you already know what you need to book, click below to book your appointment. You can also gift an appointment to someone you think could use a treat.

Social Media

Facebook page: Hair by Sam – A Wild Colorist Appears

Facebook group: Hair by Sam – Empower Yourself

Instagram: @a_wild_colorist_appears

Physical Location

220 N Smith St, Suite 117
Palatine, IL, 60067
Suite 206

If the light outside the outside door is green, the door is open. The door inside the lobby will be locked and you will need to page or call/text me when you arrive so I can let you in. To arrange pickup of purchased products please contact me at my above social media or by calling/texting 224-801-4352

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