Company values and ethics

Our Purpose

All of my guests are individual people on their own unique journey. I’m here to embrace everyone’s unique beauty and personality. I want to provide a safe space inclusive of all people in listening and motivating them to find their own greater self-esteem and self-belief.

I believe in something bigger than myself

I believe in the right to equality. I believe we can and should treat each other with the same level of respect and equality.

Why I believe

I believe that we have the responsibility to make a positive impact on the world around us; and not just through personal beauty.

I am Green Circle Certified, which means that almost 100% of my salon waste gets repurposed into something else. In addition to reducing my in salon waste, I am also committed to using and retailing cruelty free products that are also working to reduce their own environmental impact.

Our Goal

My vision is bright!

I want to help people see their fullest potential by having a positive relationship with how they look and feel.

I am committed

to help and empower people to feel like they are the best version of themselves.

Our Values

How we do business shapes who we are

These are the core values I base my business on.

We are open and honest when communicating with others.

We empower people to encourage more people.

We are masters of what we do, and we do it well.

We treat everyone with equality and inclusion.

We see things and listen from someone’s perspective. We sympathize with their emotions.

Our Commitments to Education

In striving to empower other people to live their best lives, I need to be mindful in my own life and practice what I preach. For me, that means I need to continually be educating myself on the best way to educate you and also the best way to run my business.

Am I perfect? Of course not, but I am committed to continuing my education beyond the minimum requirement to upkeep my license. Feel free to ask what I’m up to at any time!

Have more questions or want to make a suggestion?

You can always check the FAQ page, or reach out below!

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