Color Correction Fun

This one started out once upon a time as a color correction on an at home split dye job. We got her hair to a great point considering what we had to work with when we got started during that first session.

Being a girl after my own heart, of course in between appointments she had been struck by inspiration that was quite a bit different from what the original appointment had been booked for. Sometimes this ends up being cause for alarm, but going back to her being a girl after my own heart she also had realistic expectations for the results we might be able to achieve. If you’ve read Color corrections and going dark to light you’ll know that getting bright results after previous dark color can be difficult at best.

I booked this appointment to touch up the roots on her blonde half and the dark on the left side and even out the blonde a little more. Instead the goal of the appointment became to have a shadow of dark underneath but mostly blonde all over. As you can see there was a box dye she initially came in with, and some permanent Pravana over that.

Challenge accepted.

This was our starting point for this appointment, about 8.5 weeks after that initial color.

I started out on her unwashed hair (because I knew there was going to be lightener on her scalp and I wanted her natural oils to provide protection on her skin as long as possible) by using 9 Level Lift with 20 volume developer in foils on the darker section of her hair, followed by 7 Level Lift with 20 volume at her roots everywhere we were going blonde, and 6 Level Lift with 10 volume on the section that was already blonde. To maintain the integrity of her hair while we went on this lifting extravaganza I included B3 in all mixed bowlsof lightener.

By the time I had finished foiling the dark half of her head, the first foils were already lifting nicely. By the time I had finished applying lightener at her roots, those foils were not only a lot further along than I had expected them to be but were also a lot more evenly lifted than I had expected them to be given the color history being worked with. If I had been thinking I’d have taken pictures of the process, but my focus is always results first and documenting second and I didn’t want to accidentally compromise results.

When everything was as good as I thought we were going to get in the timeframe we had, I shampooed her with Eleven Australia’s Keep me Blonde purple shampoo, and did an express toner from Pravana at the bowl, followed by a Milbon Moisture Treatment. Had we not had as many time considerations I would have done a separate glaze, but that’s neither here nor there at this point. She got a quick blowout so we could see the results using Leaf and Flower 7 Minute Blowout.

I cannot express adequately how ecstatic we both were with the results here. She was envisioning the best case hot mess scenario and I was expecting varying shades of brown and dark blonde. While there are some uneven spots and one small spot that two sections got stuck together and I didn’t catch it to get the roots, we were both happy with what was achieved.

If you have a color correction you need help with, I always love a good challenge. I promise to be up front and honest about what results I expect to be able to get, and what’s achievable with the budget you have available. Click the button below to book your consultation and get started today!

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